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Needle News

Needle News

When choosing a needle for your needlepoint project, you should first look at the mesh size of the canvas you have chosen.  The needle numbering system is opposite what you might think, the larger the number the smaller the needle. For example, a size #24 needle is smaller than a #22 needle.  

The best needle for needlepoint are tapestry needles.  They have a large enough eye to hold the varying sizes of fiber used in creating your needlepoint.  Below is a simple chart to show you best needle size for canvas mesh.  

Canvas mesh size 13, use a #22 Needle

Canvas mesh size 18, use a #24 Needle

Canvas mesh size 24, use a #26 Needle


Of course, with each canvas you purchase from us you will receive a new perfectly sized needle for your project.

Keep on stitching. 

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